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Boost patient volumes for TAVR, MitraClip + Watchman procedures

Case Study: The Problem

The Challenge

A not-for-profit healthcare system on the West Coast wanted to boost patient volumes for three high-value cardiovascular treatments — TAVR, MitraClip and Watchman. By enhancing the system’s existing patient data with consumer and proprietary Digital Health Strategies data, our team identified dormant patients most likely to benefit from these procedures. Once those patients were identified, we set them up for consults using personalized communications and provider engagement.

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Case Studies - The Solution

The Solution

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Prepared the service line for growth

Our chief medical officer and clinical strategy team conducted a comprehensive examination of the service line to prepare it for growth, vetting important factors like access, provider and physician buy-in and overall quality.

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Identified patients likely to benefit from cardiac care

We conducted a system-wide analysis to identify patients likely-to-benefit from TAVR, MitraClip and Watchman who were either dormant or delaying care. Our approach, which utilized a blend of first-party, third-party and proprietary Share of Health data modeling, examined clinical information and demographic details to determine the likeliness to benefit.

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Personalized messaging

Patients identified as likely to benefit received communications — including email, phone calls and patient portal messaging — across channels. Using data as a guide, we personalized messaging to better resonate with each patient and improve conversions.

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Engaged physicians and clinical staff in patient education

Patients trust their physicians. That’s why we educated providers on the available procedures and determined the best ways for them to engage patients during the clinical experience. We also built referrals into clinic workflows to prompt providers without sacrificing time or efficiency.

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Worked with operations to ensure patient conversion

A lead is worthless unless it converts. We worked closely with the operations team to shepherd each lead through its life cycle, tracking the status of every patient and giving staff the feedback they need to optimize program implementation.


Case Study - The Results

The Results

115 New TAVR, MitraClip and Watchman procedures
$1.21 Million New direct margin