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Digitize all End-of-Year Fundraising

Executive Summary

3x Increase in online revenue
40% Increase in end-of-year revenue
60% Increase in website visitors
Case Study: The Problem

The Challenge

Geisinger, a 12-hospital system that employs 1,600 physicians and cares for 1.2 million patients annually throughout Pennsylvania, turned to Digital Health Strategies to digitize its end-of-year (EOY) fundraising. Prior to partnering with us, the Geisinger Health Foundation had not employed any digital strategies to attract new donors and increase ROI during this critical time of year.

We created a multi-channel digital fundraising strategy and infrastructure that included several touch points to engage and convert first-time donors and increase overall revenue.

Case Studies - The Solution

The Solution

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Educate leadership

We helped cross-functional teams understand the role of digital and identify digital fundraising priorities, KPIs, target audiences and key platforms.

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Create a digital infrastructure from the ground up

We built a new web presence for the Foundation within that featured prominent, clear CTAs and unique landing pages for their EOY priority funds. We also designed new email templates and developed new processes for creating and posting social content.

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Develop new messaging architecture

The messaging includes a new Foundation positioning statement, messaging pillars and proof points that align with Geisinger’s new branding.

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Create advanced segmentation plan

We used first-party data and third-party overlays to refine the lists for personalized solicitation messaging according to giving history, philanthropic interests, giving capacity and other psychographic parameters.

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Optimize performance in real time

Throughout the EOY campaign, we tested different variables to optimize our email campaign including:

  • Incentives and goals: Personal incentives for donors vs. goal-based challenges
  • Senders: Foundation leadership vs. clinical leadership
  • Audiences: Customized messaging, variable gift amounts and unique CTAs based on giving history and interests
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Analyze data to identify wealthy new donors

Following the campaign, we analyzed performance data to identify more than 100 new donors with significant giving capacity of ~$25,000.

Case Study - The Results

The Results

Our comprehensive redesign of the Foundation’s EOY digital fundraising strategy tripled its online revenue and increased EOY revenue by 40%.

100+ New donors with significant giving capacity of ~$25,000
60% Increase in website visitors
3x Increase in email list