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Health systems need to engage and connect with thousands of employed, affiliated and independent physicians across multiple locations.

Using advanced segmentation and targeting to provide content, tools and resources; we can save your doctors time and help improve patient care.

Why digitize physician communications?

Today’s physicians are younger, more tech-savvy and rely on mobile devices more than ever. Engaging them with targeted, relevant information is key to boosting clinical performance and patient outcomes.

Top 3 reasons why you should engage physicians digitally

How do we support physician communications?

We work directly with physician leadership to identify your priorities, partner with IT to understand your technology infrastructure and talk with front-line doctors to learn their needs so we can develop programs that are built for your physicians, by your physicians.

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We analyze your physician data to make it easier to segment and communicate

It’s likely that your physician data is stored across multiple databases – with a mix of employed, faculty, affiliated or independent docs. We review, clean and aggregate these data sources to make it easier to segment and target your physicians with information and resources that is relevant and valuable to them.

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We modernize your physician communications through our “Physician News Bureau”

Using our proven process and data-driven results, we work with your marketing and clinical teams to create a communications calendar that balances strategic information related to quality, safety and growth with need-to-know information related to clinical care. We produce snackable content that uses interactive formats so physicians can easily skim in less than 60 seconds.

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We develop a digital front door to centralize physician tools

From on-call schedules to phone directories to CME information, physicians have to use multiple platforms to get the tools and information they need each day. We can bring it all together in a centralized hub so your doctors have a single, easy-to-access entry point.

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We identify specific use cases that will save physicians’ time and drive utilization

If you want your physicians to pay attention to communications or use a new collaboration tool, you have to clearly demonstrate how it saves them time and adds value. We work with leadership and clinical champions to identify high-value workflows or use cases and create customized campaigns and training sessions that onboard physicians and drive adoption and utilization.

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